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Big Bang

Personal Project

Despite all the international treaties on nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear weapons are in fact still prolific: "prolific" in their abundance, prolifically destructive, and stupendously badly contained.

On his podcast Making Sense, neuroscientist, philosopher and author Sam Harris talks to U.S. Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering in the Carter administration, William J. Perry, about the ever-present threat of nuclear war. Together with Lisa Perry, Communications Director for The William J. Perry Project, they discuss the threat of accidental nuclear war, nuclear terrorism, unilateral disarmament, the psychology of deterrence, tactical nuclear weapons, details of command and control and nuclear proliferation.

I was at once captivated and distressed by this largely silent and yet omnipresent threat which seems to have dropped almost entirely off the public radar.

These monoprints mimic the falsehood of a seemingly quiet and unassuming problem. The bomb looks almost comical, and without sound, the mushroom cloud is quite beautiful to look at. Both images hide untold horrors.

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